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Curioos Helps You Pick the Perfect Piece of Art for Your home

Curioos Helps You Pick the Perfect Piece of Art for Your home

There are many instances where online purchases have gone bad for many people. Purchasing a piece of art online can also be an overwhelming process. With numerous retailers offering various artworks, it can be difficult to choose the right one. When it comes to digital art, Curioos is the perfect place where buyers can get various art pieces according to their choice. Even artists can also put up their work in this website. Now, before buying the artwork, you will be able to visualize it on your wall with the new augmented reality app.

How Does the App Work?

There is a bar code which acts as the tracker and the users have to print it out and put it on their wall. They can then download the app and browse through more than 5000 pieces given in the Curioos website. Once they like a piece, they can select it and click “Preview” button to get a code which they can type in their app. The augmented reality view gets triggered with that and the users will then be able to view that piece on their wall through augmented reality, as they point their device’s camera to the tracker.

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Users will be able to change the size of the art pieces and choose different frames. If they want to browse the pieces later, they can bookmark them to “favorites”. Clicking the pictures and sharing them with others through social networks, email or text message is also possible. The favorites are already there in the app, so if they want to view the pieces, they don’t have to use the code again.

About Curioos

Curioos is a digital art marketplace which allows digital artists to upload their artwork, print them on a wide range of materials and share those pieces through the website. The different materials on which artists can print their work include canvas, acrylic glass and Aluminum. For each piece that is sold, they will receive a commission.

Customers can buy the one which best suits their requirements from the various collections offered by different artists. The service was started in 2012 by Matt Valoatto. Right now Curioos has over 5,000 artwork pieces and over 500 curated artists.

You can download the Curioos augmented reality app from Google Play and iTunes App Store for free.

What about you?

Do you have an affinity of buying art pieces? Would you try out the Curioos augmented reality app? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – techcrunch.com


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