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Daqri Creates Killer Augmented Reality App for Google Glass

Daqri Creates Killer Augmented Reality App for Google Glass

Daqri, founded in 2010 by roboticist Brian Mullins, builds AR experiences to be enjoyed with the help of an average smartphone camera. The mobile platform of Daqri starts working once you point your mobile device at an object. In fact, it has already helped the company to raise $15 million last month. The augmented reality experience offered by Daqri is nothing less than magical; however, marketers are wondering the potential future of such platforms once AR tools like Google Glass becomes more commonplace.

Brian Mullins, the CEO of Daqri says, “We think that there are some really novel uses for mobile devices, but when you move to an always-on, hands-free display, things get really, really exciting.” In fact, augmented reality platforms like Deqri on a device like Google Glass have every potential to change the face of AR completely. Also, it is important to understand that smartphone is only a stop-gap for augmented reality technology as Mullin too pointed out that “Augmented reality today just doesn’t compare to where it’s going to be in a few years, or even 18 months.”

One of the challenges of AR technology is that the present day process of interacting with AR objects is a pain. Firstly, you need to know if the object you are considering can be augmented and secondly, you will need a smartphone or a tablet and an AR app to view the augmented version of the object. Also, you need to point the camera of your smartphone at the object to view it. However, Glass and products like that will change the present perception of augmented reality in a dynamic way. And this is why Mullins and many like him are so excited about this technology. As Mullins rightly explains, “Any head-mounted display that removes some of that friction is interesting to us”.

However, Daqri is not only concerned about improving user experience. That is only half of the story; the company is trying to ensure that the cameras understand the real world around them in a better way through its 4D platforms. Their new algorithms allow the company to reach its goals through the higher-end devices.

Daqri is also experimenting with technology like imagine controlling 4D objects by only using your mind. Besides, they are trying to get objects directly beamed into your brain without the help of a physical interface. For Mullins, the term augmented reality should “die”. As he says,” Augmented reality’ is like ‘information superhighway’ at this point. Once this thing catches on, no one’s going to be calling it that anymore. It won’t even have a name. It will just be reality.”

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