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Deliver Personalized Messages with Augmented Reality Greeting Cards

Deliver Personalized Messages with Augmented Reality Greeting Cards

Artiphany launches the first greeting cards powered by augmented reality. This innovative Kickstarter from Artiphany empowers greeting cards with AR technology featured with customizable 3D video messages. This project is called Gizmo greeting cards, featuring a robot named Gizmo. The robot materializes for wishing the receiver a happy Valentine’s Day, a happy holiday or a happy birthday, whatever the occasion is.

Gizmo greeting cards feature a selection of stickers and users need to scan the appropriate code for Gizmo to deliver the corresponding message. Like any other augmented reality devices, Gizmo needs a mobile device like smartphone or tablet along with as a corresponding augmented reality app for experiencing the animation. The company is using a third-party augmented reality app called DAQRI for scanning and playing the corresponding animations.

Why AR Greeting Cards?

We all love receiving greeting cards as they can turn an ordinary moment to a special occasion with their ability to a simple sentiment of both the sender and the receiver. No wonder, we find it difficult to throw out the stack of greeting cards that we have collected over the years!

Artiphany is all set to take the experience we share with greeting cards to another dimension with the help of augmented reality technology. However, while doing so the company ensures that a Gizmo greeting card serves its purpose “without losing the personal touch that we value so much when we give someone a greeting card.”

The AP technology powered by DAQRI allowed Artiphany to create the lovable robot Gizmo, which spreads, love, birthday wishes and holiday cheer with a personal touch.

The Kickstarter campaign of Artiphany is an attempt to fund the final stage of their augmented reality animations. Besides, it will even cover the cost for customizable cards, T-shirts and 3D models of the robot Gizmo for Kickstarter backers.

If you think that greeting cards are becoming outdated in this fast-paced world, you will be fascinated to know that the industry is worth $8 billion a year. And empowered by augmented reality technology, Gizmo greeting cards may work wonder.

Soon after its launch, the campaign has already secured $3,000 out of its $20,000 goal.

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