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Dulux Visualizer AR App Lets You Virtually Paint Your Walls

Dulux Visualizer AR App Lets You Virtually Paint Your Walls

The parent company of Dulux, AkzoNobel has made re-coloring of walls an interactive process. It has introduced an augmented reality app which will let users repaint their walls virtually and visualize them with their mobile devices. The Dulux AR app, Dulux Visualizer, has been developed by String, a computing company based in the UK, in partnership with Webcredible, an international customer experience agency, AkzoNovel and Tessella, an international consultancy firm, also based in the UK. This app brings in augmented reality to help users see how their rooms would look after actual coloring.

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Dulux AR App

The Dulux AR app, Dulux Visualizer lets users repaint the walls of their rooms as they move around with their mobile devices. They can select, store and view different color schemes. They can also save screenshots with different colors on their walls and share it with their friends, right from the app.

The app displays educational content through a video named ‘Dulux Masterclass’. It also shows users the Dulux stores that are nearby their location. E-commerce facilities have been integrated with the Dulux AR app. This will let users order paint testers and stock online and get them delivered in their home.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store. Excluding the US, it is available in 40 markets and in 28 different languages. It is also available through 25 of the paint brands of AkzoNobel which include Flexa, Dulux, Coral and Nordsjo. This app works with both tablets and smartphones.

String- The Company behind the App

String played an important role in the development of the Dulux AR app. It invested in the required technologies to make this mobile consumer strategy a reality. A set of customized algorithms have been developed by String to analyze and show live video through the camera of a mobile device. These algorithms have also been developed to handle the different types of environments of the rooms and the conditions of lighting in the users’ homes. They can also help in distinguishing the walls from any other objects in the rooms.

Depending on the lighting conditions in the room, the app shows the user how a wall will look with the ‘paint’ along with necessary shadows and variations.

With the Dulux AR app, Dulux Visualizer, users won’t have to worry about how a wall will look once it is painted. They can get a view of it prior to actual painting and make their choice.

What do you say?

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