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Ferrari’s Sci-Fi Showroom App is Coming to InsideAR San Francisco

Ferrari’s Sci-Fi Showroom App is Coming to InsideAR San Francisco

Ferrari is known for its thoroughbred racing heritage, beautiful design and appetite for bringing cutting edge innovation to their cars. Now though, Ferrari is taking that same love for technology outside of the car, and putting it in the showroom with a new application rolled out in Japan and Australia.

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In conjunction with develop ZSpace, Ferrari has created an awesome showroom companion that overlays cinematic 3D animations right onto the vehicles themselves. Not only are the visuals extremely impressive – what is going on “under the hood” of the application is also at the cutting edge. By Making use of Metaio’s proprietary 3D tracking technology, the application render Hollywood style visual effects onto the real-world vehicle in real-time.

The application currently works on a total of five Ferrari vehicles, ranging from the “entry” level 458 Speciale to the epic 731 horsepower F12 Berlinetta. Through a series of seven experience, prospective Ferrari owners can explore such innovations as Ferrari’s active aerodynamic systems, and carbon ceramic brakes. By leveraging Augmented Reality, the application takes a look through the beautiful body work and provides an “x-ray” view that needs to be seen to be believed.

The application will be shown off live at InsideAR San Francisco this May, alongside many other hands-on demos with cutting edge AR tech from the likes of ODG, Epson, Atheer and of course –  Metaio.

Tickets available at: http://www.insidear2015.com/san-francisco

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