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Ford Promotes Latest Mustang Car with Augmented Reality App

Ford Promotes Latest Mustang Car with Augmented Reality App

Ford is using the latest technology to promote its new Ford Mustang model. The company has launched an augmented reality app which will allow users to envisage the car in their driveways. The app has been labeled as an “industry-first” and developed by virtual reality specialists Kudan and Blue Hive. Augmented reality is being used by many car manufactures to either promote their latest models or to improve the driving experience of the users by integrating this technology in the cars.

What does this app provides its users?

Ford Augmented Reality App

The app uses ‘j-tracking’ visual marking technology to build an image of the latest model of Mustang. The image is leveled to life-like size and is projected to any location where the user points their tablets or smartphones. Users of the app will be able to interact with the car to activate engine noises and walk around it.

Richard Last, the creative director at Blue Hive said that the Ford Mustang AR app is unique and unlike other augmented reality apps, it does not need a printed image to activate it. He said “As well as being a fun and interactive 3D configurator, the ‘Virtual Ford Mustang’ app lets you customize and photograph your life-size Mustang anywhere you want, anytime you want. He added “It’s also a breeze to share it with your network and show off the car you’ll soon be driving”.

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The app is now available on iOS and will soon be available for Android devices. The app is mainly targeted at customers of Ford who have pre-ordered the latest model of Ford Mustang or have expressed an interest. The latest model is expected to release later this year.

Rise of Augmented Reality

Over recent years, the prominence of augmented reality technology has risen among brands. Other car manufactures are also increasingly using this technology. Fiat, has meanwhile launched its own augmented reality app which lets users go on a digital drive in the Fiat 500X along with the magician Dynamo.

We can expect more car manufacturers in the future to launch their augmented reality apps which will improve the driving experience of the consumers.

What do you think?

Will be trying out the new app from Ford? Are you keen on buying the new Ford Mustang model? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image: bookspot-on.blogspot.com

Article Source – marketingweek.com


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