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Nokia Announces HERE SDK Update for Android

Nokia Announces HERE SDK Update for Android

LiveSight is a location augmented reality technology that guides the users to the exact geographical location they are looking for by overlaying it on top of live camera scenes. This lets the users to opt for a true visual search rather than just depending on keyboard. Until now, LiveSight was integrated into HERE apps for Windows Phone only. Now LiveSight is adding a new component for the HERE SDK for Android which will be applicable for Nokia. With this update, developers who are working with the operating system of Google will be able to add LiveSight features.

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What does the Release Mean?

This could lead to the development of Android apps which will provide information about different locations overlaid over live camera scenes. With the release of the API, developers can build their own LiveSight apps.  This can be done either using any geo-located data source or using Nokia’s own Points of Interest from HERE.

The augmented reality features of LiveSight were earlier only available for Nokia’s HERE apps that were developed for its Lumia Windows Phone. But now the same features will be available for Android.

How Can Developers use this API?

This API can be used to develop different apps. The only limitation is the developers’ imagination and the time. Different types of apps can be developed, like an app which can give the users a virtual guide of a museum which would provide an explanation about the sculptures around a garden. They can also develop a business oriented app which would specifically help the electrical engineers by showing them a street’s wiring. Another interesting app like beer-finder app can be developed which can lead the users by the nose to the watering hole which is closest to their current location.

The Toolkit

A wide range of functionalities are added in the API, which is completely integrated in the HERE SDK. The functionalities include 3D transitions across 2D maps, customizable display markers, ‘radar view’ of items in the vicinity and programmable gesture controls.

The LiveSight API will be displayed at the AR Glasses Showcase & Hackathon in Berlin by Marco Tillmann, the Product Manager of HERE.

Chances are quite high that this new API release will open up augmented reality features to the Android community.

What do you think?

Do you think the update will be actually helpful for Android devices? What other AR apps for Android do you like? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – www.androidworld.it


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