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Go for an Interactive Trail with Mt. Stromlo Heritage Trail App

Go for an Interactive Trail with Mt. Stromlo Heritage Trail App

Mt. Stromlo, which is located in the Weston Creek in Canberra, is one of the most beautiful attractions of this place. Those living in Canberra have enjoyed this landscape, but after the bushfires of 2003, things have changed. The Commonwealth Solar Observatory was one of the major attractions of Mt. Stromlo, but now it is almost the shell of its previous condition. To keep the visitors attracted to this place, the Australian National University has launched an interactive heritage trail.  The information gap caused due to the absence of the observatory will be fulfilled by the trail.

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Heritage Trail App

The smartphone app launched by the Australian National University is known as Mt. Stromlo Heritage Trail App and has been developed by Amber Standley, an application developer. Amy Jarvis, the Heritage Officer believes that this app will be added to the Commonwealth heritage- listed location. The app provides the visitors with the fastest and easiest way to know more about Mt. Stromlo. They can experience and share the unique heritage of this place through the app.

Along the Mt. Stromlo Heritage Trail they will be able to unlock digital content that are integrated in specially marked signs, with this app. With the app, the walkers of the trail can view archival content, which wouldn’t be visible otherwise. Pictures, voice recordings, etc are displayed through the app. Ms. Standley said that new content could also be added to the marked signs without the need of reprinting them.

How does the App work?

Users need to first download the app and launch it. Then they need to hit the ‘i’ icon and then follow the instructions. If you are unable to find any sign, you can check the map icon by tapping it and you will be able to find out one of the five signs of Mt. Stromlo which are enabled with augmented reality.

The app adds depth to the trail experience for the users and provides them with the opportunity to share their experience with others on social media. This is possible with the integration of Twitter in the app.

Visitors to the Heritage trail were able to see 14 interpretive signs in total, among which 5 were integrated with augmented reality technology to activate interactive content for the visitors.

The app is available for iPad and iPhone users and can be downloaded for free.


What about you?

Have you visited Mt. Stromlo? Do you want to download this app and go for the Heritage Trail? Share your insights in the comments below.

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