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MindRDR with Google Glass can Read Your Thoughts

MindRDR with Google Glass can Read Your Thoughts

Until now Google Glass could be operated with a sliding finger and your voice. Now, a London-based interactive studio is unveiling an app which will help Glass users interact with the device using their mind. This Place Ltd., the startup has launched the app named MindRDR which connects Google Glass with another head-mounted hardware to create a communication loop. The head-mounted hardware is known as the Neurosky EEG biosensor and can monitor the brain activity. Let us know more about the way the app and the brain-activity monitoring device works together with Google Glass.

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MindRDR App

Huge implications are bound to take place when two varied industries are combined together-Telekinetics and wearable devices. We get an exceptional combo of the Google Glass app and the Neurosky biosensor. The Neurosky biosensor tracks the brainwaves or neural patterns that are shown when your brain focuses on something. The MindRDR app then translates these brainwaves or patterns into a meter reading. In Google Glass, this reading then gets overlaid on the camera view. Your thoughts will then be translated into actions which the Glass performs.

As you concentrate more with your mind, the reading meter will go up and a picture will be taken by the app. As the view in front of you gets clicked, you might want to share it in social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. For this, you need to concentrate a bit more and the picture will be shared in your social media profile without even a slight movement of your finger.

Potential Use in the Medical Industry

Apart from everyday use by the Glass Explorers, this combination will be really helpful for the medical industry. It can be helpful for people who are suffering from locked-in syndrome or are not able to speak. They can engage socially with the world using MindRDR.

CEO of This Place Ltd, Dusan Hamlin, said that currently the head mounted hardware can read 4 different senses in the mind. But with the progress of Telekinetics, it can read all of the 18 senses that can be mapped and read from the brain.

MindRDR is an open source app but the biosensor and the Glass together will cost around $1,838. The app can be downloaded from the GitHub page of This Place.

What do you think?

Do you think this innovation will really be helpful for Glass users? Are you going to try out the MindRDR app? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – www.thetimes.co.uk

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