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Design your Ideal Garden with My Garden AR App

Design your Ideal Garden with My Garden AR App

Webling, a digital agency has launched an augmented reality app, My Garden app for the gardening company, Yates. With this app, users will have the secret to gardening, right in their hands. The app acts a complete interactive guide for gardeners. This is a multiplatform app which provides gardening enthusiasts and professionals with every tip required for designing, growing and managing their garden. With this app, users will be able to design their ideal garden as they will know the best conditions required for the plants to grow.

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What does the App do?

The app features an AR Garden Visualizer which provides a wide variety of virtual plants. With this feature, different types of virtual plants will be overlaid on your garden and you can see how they will look when planted. The app guides the user through each phase of the garden life cycle which includes finding inspiration from others, designing their own garden, planning what seeds to sow, planting, growing and managing the plants and solving annoying problems that stop the garden from blossoming.

Designing the ideal garden will be easier with My Garden app by finding out which plants suit the conditions in the destined area. Tracking of the seeds that you have planted is made easier with the virtual garden plots. You just need to add what seed you have planted to the app in the ‘plot’. You will then get reminders of harvest time and other reminders which will help your garden to grow.

The problem solver tool helps in finding out the problems related to pests, diseases, weeds, etc. and solving them. The users will be able to get relevant recommendations from the comprehensive range of products of Yates.

Availability of the App

My Garden app is available for free download from the Google Play and the Apple iTunes Store. The app works for Android, iPad and iPhone. It is also incorporated with Yates website, social media and their Garden Club community.

If you are a garden enthusiast and want to design a beautiful garden, you can download the My Garden AR app and start sowing.

What about you?

Are you a garden enthusiast? Would you like to design a beautiful garden yourself? Are you downloading the My Garden app? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – http://www.yates.com.au


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