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My Virtual Home- TAKELEAP’s new Augmented Reality App

My Virtual Home- TAKELEAP’s new Augmented Reality App

TAKELEAP, a creative digital agency based in Dubai, has developed a real estate augmented reality app named My Virtual Home. It has been customized for the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program (SZHP). With My Virtual Home app, a highly improved augmented reality technology was created by TAKELEAP. This app provides the users with a detailed view of the architectural model of the villas that are developed by the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program. They will be able to take a virtual tour of the houses.

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My Virtual Home App

The app lets users explore the interior details and features inside a home, as if they are physically present inside the house. The users get a user friendly and convenient experience with an interface with multiple languages, high quality graphics and the size of the application which remains nominal even after new visuals are added with the cloud technology. Unlike most of the augmented reality apps, this real estate app will work even without printed markers. The catalog system which lets users get customized viewing as per their interest, is a unique feature of the app. This feature helps the app to download a particular model of a villa, as per the users’ preference. This improves the performance of the app and saves space as well.

Users will be able to share the screenshots of the villas in social media directly from the app as well as send them via emails.  The app can be downloaded for Android as well as iOS devices.

Touch Screen App

The touch screen app has been developed so that it can enhance the experience of the My Virtual Home app.  At present the touch screen app consists of more than 800 villas from the Fujairah-Sheikh Khalifa and the Sharjah-Al Ittihad compounds. The designs of the housing plans are clearly explained through videos of the respective villas and sites and a location map that is integrated in it.

This app developed by TAKELEAP is completely in sync with the actual site plan and users will be able to see the units in their original environment, with night and day atmospheres, people walking around, cars driving by and more. This will help potential buyers to find out which villas are vacant and which are already booked.

With My Virtual Home and the touch screen app, house hunting will be an easier process for potential buyers.

What about you?

Are you going to download the My Virtual Home app? What other real estate augmented reality apps do you like? Share your views in the comments below.

Image Source – androidpit.com


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