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What’s On Magazine Celebrates 35 Years of Publishing with AR

What’s On Magazine Celebrates 35 Years of Publishing with AR

What’s On Magazine is celebrating 35 years of publishing, in a massive way by including augmented reality, different vouchers and competition giveaways in its birthday issue. The Ogle app is free to download and provides a great audio-visual experience to the users by using augmented reality. Digital content is displayed over images on a given page when users point their mobile devices over those images. Users might be able to see videos or they might be taken to websites, Facebook or Twitter page or web-shops with the Ogle app. The magazine is using this AR app to provide its users with a unique experience.

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What Will Users Get?

With Ogle AR, the magazine has injected even more LIVE entertainment in its pages. Users need to install the Ogle AR app on their mobile devices if they want to get an augmented experience. With this app, they will be able to measure the amount of giveaways just by scanning the cover of the What’s On magazine. They can also get access to entry forms for the 500 prizes that the magazine is giving to its readers, without any difficulty. This will bring the readers close to the prizes like never before. Readers of the magazine will also be able to get an exclusive chance to watch and listen to the Group Editor and Manager, Ian Fairservice, recalling the initial stages of Dubai and the inspiration behind the creation of What’s On. They will be able to enjoy the What’s On Eating Challenge by watching it rather than reading about it.  Video of writer, Robert Chilton trying the largest ice cream Sundae in Dubai will also be available for the readers. Through the Ogle AR, the writer’s personality is captured easily.

Creating Brand Loyalty

With augmented reality, brand loyalty with readers can be created further as they will be able to connect with personalities through videos. By bringing interaction and adding a level of engagement in the pages of the magazine, What’s On is providing its readers with an amazing experience. With this move, What’s On has placed itself in the forefront of the companies and publishers that are now turning to augmented reality for success.

What do you think?

Have you experienced augmented reality in the What’s On magazine? Do you think other magazines and publishers should follow the same technique to increase customer loyalty? Share your views in the comments below. Image Source – Facebook.com

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