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Augmented Reality App Launched By Peugeot

Augmented Reality App Launched By Peugeot

Peugeot, the French car brand has recently unveiled an augmented reality app which will help car owners to know more about their cars. To make the reach of this app wider, video content have been recycled to be presented to the users of the app. It has been created by Stack, an integrated creative agency, and works when users point their phone at any particular portion of their cars which have been manufactured by Peugeot. It has been created by Iain Hunter, Executive Creative Director of Stack.

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The ‘Top Tips’ app

Peugeot has a video series of ‘Top Tips’. These videos have been used in the app, to make them more useful for the drivers handling the car. The app provides useful tips to the users as well as shows instructional videos about their cars. They can access these tips and videos, even while on the move, just by pointing their phones towards different car parts. If the drivers come across any problem related to their car, they can access the app and get tips and see videos on how to overcome those problems.

For example, if an individual has a flat tire in his Peugeot car, he can point his phone towards the tire. The augmented reality app will instantly trigger videos with demonstrations on how to repair flat tires and also how to check tire pressures.

What do the Developers Say?

According to the marketing director at Peugeot, Morgan Lecoupeur, with Top Tips app they have clearly showed that their aim is to make the most of new digital technologies to help out their customers. He also added that with these technologies, they want to provide a seamless experience for the customers across every point of contact.

While discussing on the Top Tips augmented reality app for Peugeot, the CEO at Stack, Liz Wilson said, what makes the app beautiful is that it contains content, which have been made more accessible and useful for users, by recycling the existing online content. This has been done by incorporating augmented reality technology which helps the users search and find the videos easily.

The MyPeugeot website, a digital campaign which is carried out through emails and the social media platforms of Peugeot are all assisting the launch of the Top Tips app.

Image Source – www.thedrum.com 

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