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The Phantom Finder Camera App

The Phantom Finder Camera App

The Phantom Finder is a brand new Augmented Reality Ghost Camera App which has been developed by Portland Based Grisly Manor Studios. It is available in the App Store and Google Play (iPhone, iPad, & Android compatible).

In over 20 states, commercial haunted attractions are creatively placing imagery (“Phantom Markers”) that, when viewed by the app’s camera, display ghosts, demons, and supernatural activity! Typically used for Haunted Attraction Queue-Line Entertainment, “Phantom Marker” Packages are also sold on www.PhantomFinderCamera.com so that anyone can put ghosts in their home!

To Demo:

Once Downloaded, users are instructed to view the Phantom Finder Logo Banner (see below) for a quick demo. Then the magic begins! The banner catches fire, several Phantom Markers start flying through space, and ghosts

materialize. Users soon realize that they must look around their environment in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Phantoms that eagerly surround them!

The Phantom Finder Camera App

View “Phantom Finder” logo with the App to Demo

Phantom Markers

The Phantom Finder Ghost Camera App is different from the other ghost apps because it allows you to control where the ghosts are to be found! When placing the Augmented Reality Phantom Markers, you can make ghosts walk out of doorways, peek around corners, glare through windows or mirrors, and much more! It is not just a random ghost radar app, but another way to haunt your venue/home and entertain your guests.

The Phantom Finder Camera App

Phantom Marker Image – (Go Ahead…View it if You Dare!)

How Do I Get Phantom Markers?

The Professional Grade Phantom Marker Packages (priced from $19.99 – $49.99) are typically used by Commercial Haunted Attractions. They are for sale on www.PhantomFinderCamera.com and take a week to arrive at your location. Upon arrival, the client then must hang/secure the professionally fabricated Marker (typically professional vinyl decals) on their wall, facade, or any other location in which they want supernatural activity.

The Home Haunter Packages are available on our website for $0.99 – $3.99 (depending on how many Markers and Ghosts are included). These packages are immediately sent

electronically (as a vectored image), once payment is complete, and can be printed from a home printer. You also can have them printed professionally, for personal use, to have more authentic sized ghosts!

See More: http://phantomfindercamera.com/products/home-haunt-kit

Another way to see Phantoms in action, is to go to your local Haunted venues, with the Phantom Finder Camera App, and see if they have Phantoms.

Scaring up Future Haunted Entertainment

Grisly Manor Studios is working on making this sort of Ghostly Entertainment even better in the future. They are creating enhanced special effects, marker-less Augmented Reality Characters, Plug & Play content based app development systems, and more. Take a glimpse of the future of Haunted Entertainment!

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