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Solve Equation Easily with PhotoMath App

Solve Equation Easily with PhotoMath App

If you have a hard time making your kids solve any Math equation, now you might get some help in the form of the PhotoMath app. This augmented reality app has become really popular among users as it solves equations easily and shows the required steps. If your kids are suffering from Math phobia, you can breathe easy by downloading this app. With easy steps, complicated equations can now be solved in a really short span of time. So how does the app work? If you want to know about the process, check out this post.

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How does PhotoMath Work?

Users have to download the PhotoMath app and open it to start solving equations. With the camera of your mobile device, you need to scan the equations you want to get the solution for. The app recognizes the mathematical equation and finds out the solution. It then provides a comprehensive list of the steps that your kid is required to follow. The results are given in real time.

Features of the App

The app has been created by software development company, Microblink, which is responsible for creating computer vision technology for mobile devices. The app is currently limited to middle school level of Math. It includes solving basic arithmetic expressions, powers and roots, fractions and decimals, simple linear equations and functions like log, sin, cos, exp. Only printed characters are recognized by the app. It is unable to read handwritten text. Word problems, calculus, or geometry cannot be solved with this app.

Availability of the App

At present it is available for Windows Phone and iOS users from the Windows Phone Store and App Store respectively. By 2015, the PhotoMath app will be available for Android users as well. The app can be downloaded for free.

Other helpful apps have been created by Microblink earlier. Some of them include PhotoPay, BlinkID, BlinkBarcode, etc.

So, if you haven’t yet downloaded this app, it’s time you visit the app stores and help your kids solve Math equations easily and quickly. Doing homework will no longer be stressful for your little kid.

What do you think?

Do you think the PhotoMath app is helpful? Are you going to download the app? Share your views in the comments below.

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