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Manage your Money with Pocketbook’s AR App for Google Glass

Manage your Money with Pocketbook’s AR App for Google Glass

Pocketbook, a startup based in Australia, has developed an augmented reality app for Google Glass, which will help you to manage your money in your daily life. The budgeting app, which is already available for iOS and Android devices is a practical one and can be customized according to the requirements of the users. Budget management becomes an easy task with Pocketbook’s app. However, the company wants to make budget management as easy as walking around in a place. So, it has developed this app for Glass which has different features to make daily life budgeting easy.

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The Pocketbook App

At present, the Google Glass app is in a prototype form. It uses one of the present features of Pocketbook, namely Safely Spend, which lets users set their budget for different purchases for an entire week. The app will keep the users constantly updated on how much money is left for them to spend for that purchase category. Information is collected from various areas around the web and also by using Google Maps. For example, if a user walks into a café, he/she will get the rating from related websites, the average cost of the food, the cuisine type and how much money is left in his/her weekly food budget. All these data will be displayed by the Glass.  Let’s take another example- when a user is looking at electronics, he/she will be shown an alternative lower price, the review rating, the RRP and also the money left for electronics budget.

Other Useful Features

Apart from the Safely Spend feature, there are other features which will help the users in managing the money they spend. With Pocketbook app, accounts in different banks can be managed easily. This is because the app is aware of the banks of the user and it can easily find out the related ATMs. It can use Google Maps and help the user find out the relevant ATMs in the nearby area.

Users can also get information about their accounts at a glance. When users look at an ATM card through Google Glass, with the help of the app, they can see how much money is left in that card. It will also provide information about other accounts. This feature will help users to provide the correct card during checkout.

It’s still yet unknown when Google Glass will be available in Australia. So, right now, people have to wait for using the Pocketbook app for Glass.

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