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Google Plays Prank on April Fool with Pokemon AR App

Google Plays Prank on April Fool with Pokemon AR App

Just like previous years, this year also Google played its own little prank on April Fool. This year, however, the latest technology in trend has been used for its prank. On the eve of April Fool’s day, Google released a video on YouTube which featured an augmented reality software. It launched a false competition which urged players to search Pokemons hidden in real world places. Pokemon fans are bound to be attracted towards this game, though it does sound too good, to be true. The video claimed that the winner of this game gets a job in Google.

Pokemons Augmented in Real World

The video showed that users need to point the camera of their smartphones in specific locations in the real world to catch sight of tiny Pokemons. This has been made possible by projecting these creatures over the physical locations through augmented reality. It shows different extreme scenarios like rock climbing to catch a Pokemon hidden inside a cave, fishing in the open seas, riding camels in deserts, all for catching the tiny Pokemons. The scenarios captured in the video are a bit hard to accomplish in real life. Imagine roaming around these places in reality with a smartphone in hand, to actually find these creatures hidden somewhere.

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What does the Game Require?

The game requires the users to see the creatures and catch them by tapping their devices using the software. They have to catch the Pokemons and fill the Pokedex. Earlier in the week, Google had filled its Android and iOS Maps app with tiny Pokemons. The company claimed to have placed around 150 Pokemons in physical world locations. The main objective of the game is to catch as many Pokemons as you can. So, what will you get in the end? The one who manages to catch the maximum number of Pokemons becomes the winner. The prize for winning? A job in Google in the position of Pokemon Master. What a prank!

However, Google didn’t want to upset the Pokemon fans. So, it actually added Pokemons on the regular old Google Maps for iPhone and Android devices. You can see these creatures if you have the updated version of the app. To view them, you need to open the app and hold your smartphone with its camera pointing to high profile places. You can find out Pokemons in places like the Hoover Dam, the White House and the Empire State Building.

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