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Popcards AR App – Greet Your Loved Ones with a Twist

Popcards AR App – Greet Your Loved Ones with a Twist

You can now greet your friends and family members in a different way instead of sending out simple greeting cards. In this digital age, wouldn’t it be better if you could send something related to technology? Popcards is just the right thing that you need to make your greeting even more special. This is an augmented reality app which can bring the printed greeting cards to life. So, this holiday season you can surprise your loved ones with immersive augmented reality technology and a more personalized message. How is this possible? Let’s have a look.

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Popcards- The AR App

Popcards is a free app with which you can simultaneously snap a picture and record a personal video. The image can be printed on the greeting card you want to send to your loved ones along with a personal message. The video that you create with the app will come to life when the receiver scans the greeting card with the same Popcards app. The receiver will then be able to fully experience the immersive AR experience of the card.

Life’s memorable moments will be changed entirely with Popcards when you send a greeting card with a video experience.

Popcards inventor Kurt Johnson said “As innovators in the printing industry, we’ve developed Popcards to incorporate augmented reality technology with printed greeting cards. Today, we can expect to see personal images and videos, together with print, to announce or celebrate life’s big moments. In the future, no one will ever send just a photo greeting card again.”

How to Create a Popcard?

You can download the AR app for free from the Apple or Android App Store. To create the app you have to open the app and select “Create” and then start the camera. The camera will take 5 snapshots and then video recording will start. You can choose from one of the images for your greeting card. Write a personal message after you have selected a themed template. You can get your card printed and shipped to your dear ones in just one business day at a little cost of around $1.69 for each card.

If you want to get your Popcards created for free once, you can download it and use Promo Code tryitfree.

Those who are receiving the Popcards can have a greeting card which will last forever and they can also keep it as a memento.

What do you think?

What do you think about Popcards? Will you be sending out such greeting cards to your loved ones? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image & Article Source – prnewswire.com

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