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Put on Your Running Shoes and Play Run an Empire

Put on Your Running Shoes and Play Run an Empire

The Run an Empire is a game which you will enjoy playing and at the same time, it will help in keeping you fit. To play this game, you need to download the Run an Empire app on your mobile device, put on your running shoes and start jogging or running around your neighborhood. It is a multiplayer and alternate reality running game. The arena for the play is your neighborhood or any place where you can run or jog to. The goal of the game is to capture territories in the real world around you, by running.

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Playing The Game

You need to turn on the app and the path you take will be recorded by your phone’s GPS. To capture a plot, you just need to run, jog or walk around it. Once you finish capturing an area, you will be shown the area that you covered in your phone.

The trick is that others can capture land from you by invading your territory. They can run around your route and your territory will be theirs. To get back your revenge, you can again run around that area. To become a successful player in this game, you need to keep your territory safe and start invading others’ areas.

Health Benefits

The game is not about competition only. With all the jogging and running, you will be fit as well. You will be updated about your health and fitness as the app will have an API, which will show you how many steps you have walked or the distance that you have run and much more. Third party apps like RunKeeper would be able to use this data and include it effortlessly in your workout history.

About the Developer 

Pan Studio, is an experience production studio (as they say it), based in London. They are the company behind this Run an Empire app. According to them, their intention was to create a game which could be accessed by anyone.

Availability of the App

The app has completed its Kickstarter campaign successfully just a few days back. So, it’s not yet clear when it will be available for general use. Though initial intention of the developers was to release the app only for iOS devices, but now they are going to release it for Android devices as well. But whenever it is available, it will be free of cost.

Image Source – kickstarter.com

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