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Shazam Makes its Entry in the Augmented Reality Market

Shazam Makes its Entry in the Augmented Reality Market

Shazam lets you recognize music and TV when you play them. Shazam is great when it comes to explore, discover, and share the music you love. Shazam connects over 500 million people across the globe. In 2014, the company’s focus was on making the app more useful. They added a social recommendation aspect and integrated Spotify and Rdio, which helped users to move through a list of artists related to what they have Shazam-ed, to find out new content.

This year, the company is expanding its features which will move beyond music and enter the augmented reality market. Let us have a look what you can expect from this company in 2015.

“Visual Shazam” Feature

Rich Riley, the CEO of Shazam said that the company will continue their work on creating a “visual Shazam” feature which will connect the physical retail experience with the app. Since most of us use our smartphones to find reviews or check prices of products, with this feature, customers will find the motivation to “Shazam” (scan) codes for free coupons or discounts. This might bring back customers to the physical stores from the online ones.

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A demo was shown by Riley to show how the company will add more augmented reality into the results of Shazam. He Shazamed a Jaguar print magazine ad and he got a 360 degree augmented reality view of the interiors of the luxury car. You will feel as if you are inside the car as you move the phone in any direction.

More similar campaigns will help brands to engage with their consumers through their smartphones.

Optimizing for Wearable Market

In 2015, the company also has plans to optimize the app for the wearable market. Shazam is planning to provide the users of the app a new way to speak to their smartwatches and get the content, instead of pulling out their phones and attaching them to the nearest speakers. Riley also said that plans are on for using beacons to suggest Shazam content, based on location.

Riley said that the company is “protective of its data,” and has no plans to sell it to other advertising agencies. He added that “We retain the data and help target ads on behalf of advertisers [using our platform]. Those are the primary uses of our data.”

Shazam has made quite an impact on the music sales. Now it remains to be seen how much effect it has on retailers once augmented reality is brought into play.

What’s your thought?

Do you think Shazam can make a similar impact on retail with augmented reality? Will it be better for the company to concentrate on music only? Share your views in the comments.

Image Source – rdubs.net

Article Source – thenextweb.com


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