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Augmented Reality Camera App for Sony Gets an Update

Augmented Reality Camera App for Sony Gets an Update

Sony has recently updated its augmented reality camera app for its users with additional features added in it. The AR Effect app of Sony has got six new themes with which clicking pictures will be even more fun for the users. An augmented element can also be added for the videos with this app. Earlier, pre-loaded themes included growling dinosaurs, masks which could be added to a person’s face, fairies, etc. Now, with six additional themes, the fun will be double.

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AR Effect App

With the AR Effect augmented reality camera app of Sony, users are able to find out interesting AR scenes in the real world with their phone’s viewfinder. The face recognition technology of Sony and SmartAR Engine detect faces automatically, along with 3D surroundings. Once they are detected, the pictures and videos can be decorated with exciting augmented reality objects and effects.

With the latest update, the Sony smartphone owners and users of the AR effect app can record effects while they are capturing a video and they can also import the new themes directly from Google Play.

Previous Interactions

Before the update, users were able to have limited interactions with AR items. They consisted of:

  • Dragging animations to change their spots.
  • Tapping on objects to change some of them, with action, color or variation depending on the content of the theme.

New Features in the Updated Version of the App

Apart from the addition of the six new themes, other changes have also been made in the latest version of the app. The six new themes include celebratory flowers, butterflies, disco items, comic book effects, Spider Man and horror movie make-up. The other changes include:

  • There is a post-load function, which helps in adding extra theme effects from Google Play Store.
  • AR effects can be recorded while users are shooting a video.
  • Entertaining sound effects can be added along with the action of the AR objects that are going to be added in the videos or photos.
  • Users can find out more AR actions and sounds when they touch the AR objects on their smartphone’s screen.

This new update of Sony’s AR Effect app will add to the fun of the earlier version. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store.

Are you going to download this app? Have you used the earlier version? Do you find the changes helpful? Tell us what you think about this app.

Image Source – www.androidpolice.com

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