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Stargazing AR App Star Walk Releases for Windows Phone

Stargazing AR App Star Walk Releases for Windows Phone

The award winning app for stargazing- Star Walk will now be available for Windows Phone as well. Vito Technology, a Virginia based company, and the developer of Star Walk, made this announcement recently. For those who are still unaware of what Star Walk is, it is an educational augmented reality app with which users can spot over 200,000 stars, satellites, constellations, galaxies and planets in the night sky. In the Windows Phone, users will be able to get everything that they require for navigating through the night sky. They can also travel in time to a set date, learn about any celestial object and do much more with this app.

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More about Star Walk

Star Walk is a helpful guide of astronomy that shows objects of space like satellites, constellations, stars, etc. in the correct locations on the sky above. This provides inclusive information about them. People who are interested in astronomy can navigate their way through the sky and find out the position of searching any selected object. That’s not all; users of the app will be able to either go back or move forward in time to learn the movement of the celestial bodies. The remarkable cosmic phenomena can be easily understood with this app.

Star Spotter

Star Spotter is the most important feature of the app. To turn this feature on, one needs to just hold their mobile device over their head pointing towards the sky. As the users pan around the device, the feature starts following their motions. For any image of a star that is in the device, its actual map for any given position is showed to the user. Star Walk map is overlaid on the actual images of the sky through augmented reality. However to view this map, users must have a rear facing camera.

To get more information about any celestial object that users might find interesting, they need to tap on the object and they will get an (i), next to their name, which will provide more data in details. The database of Star Walk information was created by collaborating with European Space Agency (ESA). This database provides them with striking images and most precise data.

Vital Features

  • Comet Tracking

You can tracks comets like PANSTARRS, ISON, Lemmon and Halley.

  • Satellites Tracking

You can track satellites like ISS flying in space.

  • Night Mode

You can see more stars by preserving dark vision.

  • Time Machine

Whether in future or in past, you can see how the sky looks at the desired moment.

You can also view other spectacles like leftovers of supernovas, black holes, etc.

The Star Walk app for Windows Phone supports multiple languages like English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian and Korean.

Image Source – www.pcmag.com

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