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The Realiti App Lets User to View Interactive Content

The Realiti App Lets User to View Interactive Content

S4C, the Welsh language broadcaster has announced the development of an augmented reality app known as The Realiti App, which will let users view additional content when they point their mobile devices over specific images. With this app, the broadcaster is trying to get more viewers.

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The Realiti App

The new augmented reality app that S4C will be unveiling is known as the Realiti app. The company behind the development of this app is a technology firm named Spectre. The app is being developed for both iOS as well as Android devices.

This week at the Carmarthenshire National Eisteddfod’s Science and Technology Pavilion, an early version of the Reality AR app will be up for a trial.

Providing Extra Content to Users

According to the Digital Manager at S4C, Huw Marshall, the aim of the Realiti app is to let broadcasters show additional graphics or video to the users around its programming. He added that the new app will let S4C add a new layer to its content. It also has the power to change the way the broadcaster communicates with its viewers by providing movie footage instead of just an image, which is usually the norm. Marshall also added that the app could boost their capability to draw more people to see their content. This technology could be used to provide interactive content to its viewers on TV or even on its official website.

Apart from running a trial of the augmented reality Realiti app at the Carmarthenshire National Eisteddfod’s Science and Technology Pavilion, other demonstrations will also be held in this venue. The broadcaster has invested in three Welsh-language computer games namely Dirgelwch y Marcwis: Trysor Coll, Enaid Coll/Master Reboot and Pyramid, which will be demonstrated at the event.

Once the Realiti app is finally available for the viewers, only then it will be known whether the app is a successful one or not.

What do you think?

Do you think this AR app will help S4C to get more viewers? Are there any AR apps which you like? Share your views in the comments section.

Image Source – broadcastnow.co.uk

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