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The Widespread Augmented Reality Android App

The Widespread Augmented Reality Android App

The Widespread Augmented Reality Android app uses the rear-facing camera like binoculars, but instead of bringing distant objects into focus, you will reveal deeper virtual content left at points of interest near your current location.

The experience is widespread in that W.A.R. empowers the general public. Rather than just finding bars and restaurants, your camera will reveal personal locations, messages photos and web pages left at geographical points of interest by other W.A.R. members.

Upon starting the W.A.R. app, you will see three options: Handle, Scope and About. The handle option assigns an anonymous user name of your choice. If you are not ready to create a unique handle, then just hit scope to see public marks of nearby W.A.R. members.

If the camera reveals nothing, then sign on with a unique handle to display the main interface which consists of three simple processes: Geotag, Scope and Share.

Tag your location with photos, messages and your own URL like your Facebook page or YouTube channel. If you have no personal website, then the default page is quite elegant, so you can leave that field blank.

After geotagging your location, other W.A.R. members within 3 miles will see your marks in their camera and they can touch them to reveal your presence at that point of interest; however, you are anonymous.

The Share button allows you to break that anonymity by creating private cliques. The Filter button will block out the general public marks. This will zero in on only the relevant geotags of your clique.

Once you’ve established a clique of geotaggers, the applications of this technology are endless. See the companion website http://spideronfire.com for suggestions which include field trips, tour guides, meet ups, hook ups, hiking waypoints, nightclubbing, dead drops and scavenger hunts.

In the end, the point is to have fun adding a virtual dimension to your world. So leave your mark on the horizon and invite your friends to join you there.

Image Source – play.google.com

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