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Get 50% Off on Theodolite AR Navigation App

Get 50% Off on Theodolite AR Navigation App

If you already haven’t bought this augmented reality navigation app, you can do it now at a fifty percent discount. As a part of a special spring sale, Hunter Research and Technology, the company behind the Theodolite AR navigation app, is giving 50 % off on its app. So, if you want to buy this amazing application for your smartphone, this is the best time to do so.

Theodolite App

Theodolite is an augmented reality app which acts as a multi-function viewfinder. It consists of a compass, rangefinder, a map, two-axis inclinometer, tracker, GPS, navigation calculator and geo-tag photo or movie camera. All these features, makes this app an indispensable one for those who love travelling or are in need of directions for navigating outdoors. Just like an electronic viewfinder, real time information regarding altitude, range, position, inclination and bearing is overlaid on the live camera image of the iPhone.

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Theodolite can be used for various purposes. This app is wonderful for golf, outdoor sports, hiking, sightseeing, boating, navigation, hunting and for finding your way around. A varied range of consumers can use this app, which include teachers, students, explorers, professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and even those who simply love high-tech gadgets.

There are also professional grade features in this AR navigation app and is widely used by architects, surveyors, competitive sportsmen, engineers, military personnel, geologists, first responders and search and rescue workers across the globe.

Theodolite was presented recently at Apple’s October 2013 Special Event, where it was shown being used over the Great Wall of China.  This app is available for iOS users only.

Price of the App and its Availability

The Theodolite app, which is for iPhone and iPod Touch and the Theodolite HD app, which is for iPad and iPad mini, can be purchased from the iTunes App Store. The app is available at 50% off with a spring sale price of $3.99 (USD). The Hunter Research and Technology website has more detailed information on this navigation app, along with different screenshots.

About Hunter Research and Technology

Dr. Craig Hunter, a practicing engineer who has more than 20 years of experience in software development and engineering, runs this company. He established the company in 2008 to create advanced apps that control the hardware and software facilities of Macs and iOS devices. Hunter Research and Technology has several apps in the iTunes App Store and creates these apps for different types of clients.

Image Source – www.techapna.com

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