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Toywheel Launches “Toy Car RC” Augmented Reality App

Toywheel Launches “Toy Car RC” Augmented Reality App

Kids of the current generation are surrounded with advanced technological gadgets from a very young age. Keeping the advancement in mind, various toy manufacturers are building new toys which depend on technology. Toywheel, a startup based in Berlin, is one such manufacturer which has created an augmented reality app where the digital and the real world are brought together in an interactive one. The app is named as “Toy Car RC – Drive a Virtual Car in the Real World with Augmented Reality” and is the first such app created by this company.

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Playing “Toy Car RC”

To let your kids play with the “Toy Car RC” app, it is necessary to print out simple targets with the help of standard printers and place them all across the play areas- that can be your living room, children’s room etc. The virtual car will drive through the targets when the game is played. The app is not just about winning a game or racing a car; it’s much more. The “Toy Car RC” app provides more scope for personal and creative contribution.

What The Founder has to Say?

According to Evgeni Kouris, the Founder & CEO of Toywheel, children are keen on discovering the interactive worlds in a similar way as they want to know more about the physical world. Children do not differentiate between these two worlds. Kouris added that keeping this in mind, they want to link these two realities in one big, spontaneous playground. He said that augmented reality is already a powerful technology at present, but it is growing even more rapidly due to the presence of new products like Google Glass.

Many business angels like Brendan Donovan, IT entrepreneur, have funded Toywheel. The seed funding of this German based startup came from the first hy! Berlin Conference and a Telekom Accelerator.

Now with just a printed target in hand and placing it in a suitable location, kids can take their car through different terrains and surroundings in the augmented world with a simple touch of their fingers and the “Toy Car RC” app.

Image Source – news.softpedia.com

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