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Hide Messages in the Real World with Traces App

Hide Messages in the Real World with Traces App

Messages sent via smartphones are short lived. Once a user reads it, its value is gone. But imagine a situation where the message sent, holds more meaning long after it has been sent. That is what a new app called Traces, will be doing. With the help of this app, which has augmented reality features, users will be able to leave a message for their friends, which they can pick up only if they travel to the geographical location of the message. In this app, private messaging is merged with the augmented reality concept to give the users a whole new messaging experience.

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 Traces App

A team of developers based in the UK, led by Beau Lotto, a neuroscientist, created the Traces app with the goal of bringing people closer with dynamic messaging. According to Lotto, Traces makes the process of finding a message a long one, generating dopamine as users set in their path of discovery and creates empathy between people.

Two users have to be connected through the Traces app, so that either of them is able to catch a trace, i.e. the message they leave for each other in their selected geographic location. The trace can comprise of a 10 second video or audio clip or even a photo. However, the receiver has to be within 50 meters of the geographic location of the message to be able to pick it up.

Augmented Reality at Play

The message can be set to expire in 1 hour, 1 day, a week or even a month, depending on the user. When the receiver of the trace goes to the destined location to collect the message, augmented reality comes into play. He/she will be able to pick up the trace by looking at the tagged location through his/her iPhone screen. The user will be able to see a spherical distortion of the real-time image of the destined location. By moving the targeting icon over the bubble, the receiver will get access to the message.

How can Traces be used for?

Traces can be used to add a soundtrack to any part of your location, create a digital hunt for your friends which they can discover, share private videos with friends in public places, tag the classroom with messages and many more. There are many more possibilities of using this app which are yet to be worked upon.

At present the app is only available for iOS users in the UK. However the company says that it plans to develop the Android version and also bring the Traces app to the US.

What about you?

Are you going to use the Traces app? Do you think this app will add dynamism to message sending? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – wired.co.uk

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