Sunday 3 August 2014
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Vuvuzela Man 2014- The Augmented Reality Vuvuzela App

Vuvuzela Man 2014- The Augmented Reality Vuvuzela App
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A new app called Vuvuzela Man 2014 has been released by Spoonjack right in time for the FIFA World Cup 2014. The company projects this app to be the most powerful vuvuzela for iOS till date. In Vuvuzela Man 2014, users will be able to choose from various vuvuzela designs. There are several other features, including augmented reality which makes this app a useful one. If you love vuvuzelas but could not use them due to different restrictions, this app will be the perfect one to have in your mobile device.

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Features of Vuvuzela Man 2014

  • Reality Mode

The Reality Mode has made the Vuvuzela Man 2014, the world’s first augmented reality vuvuzela app.  With the app users can see through their mobile device and augment their reality easily with a collection of honking vuvuzelas.

  • Multi-Touch, Multi-Vuvuzela

With the Multi-Vuvuzela technology and multi-touch facility of the app, you can play more than one vuvuzela at a given time. A maximum of 4 vuvuzelas can be played at the same time. For each touch, a new vuvuzela comes up and starts playing.

  • Touch or Blow, Move and Bend

There is a wide range of controls in Vuvuzela Man 2014. If you want to produce a sound, you can touch the display or blow into the microphone. If you want to change the volume of the sound produced, you can move the bell, i.e. raise or lower it. If you want to bend the pitch, slide a finger and bend from Bb to A.

  • Pick your Preferred Color or Favorite Team

You can choose your preferred color of vuvuzela from the different colors which include green, red, blue and yellow. You can support your favorite team by getting the World Teams Vuvuzela Pack and choosing from one of the teams participating in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

  • Make Music not only Noise

With this AR app, you won’t just make noise like original vuvuzelas. You will also be able to make music by playing along with any song that is there in your music library. You need to select the song, load up the app and play.

Availability and Price

The app is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It can be downloaded for free for a limited time period from the Apple iTunes Store. The World Teams Vuvuzela pack can be bought along with Vuvuzela Man 2014 for $0.99.

What about you?

Do you love vuvuzelas? Are you going to download the Vuvuzela Man 2014? Do you know about any other AR app which is related to the FIFA World Cup 2014? Share your views and insights with us in the comments below.

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