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Travelling Made Easy with WAM- An Augmented Reality App

Travelling Made Easy with WAM- An Augmented Reality App

Business travellers, who are always on the go, often face the difficulty of finding out necessary facilities in a new location.  Getting directions from natives can also be a hassle unless you know how to speak the local language. You might know one or two languages, but it is practically impossible to know the local language of every place you visit. In such situations, an app can be really helpful. The ‘World Around Me’ (WAM) is an augmented reality app which can help you navigate unfamiliar places easily. It has proved to a hit among corporate travellers.

World Around Me

WAM is a location-based augmented reality app which was launched last year by WT InfoTech, a company based in Lancaster. It has recently been updated and is currently running Version 2.3.1 for Android and 2.1 Version for iOS. With WAM, an augmented reality layer is added to Google Maps and information is digitally generated to be overlaid on the physical environment of the users. You can search for banks and ATMs, cafes, restaurants, hotels, subway or metro stations, gas stations and many other locations. These places will be presented to you in an AR view with floating billboards in the direction of the places, with their distance from your current location as well as their ratings. All you need to do is hold your phone in any direction and the information of all the nearby places will pop up on your phone’s screen. Among those places, if you want to get detailed data about any particular location, you need to tap on that billboard and you will get contact number, reviews, address and a whole lot of information.

A few Features of WAM

Check out some cool features of this augmented reality app.

  • With just a tap, you can find around 14 categories of nearby places.
  • The app is integrated with Google Places and Foursquare.
  • It supports English and Spanish.
  • You can view information either in a list or map view.
  • You can either choose distance to be shown in miles or kilometers, as per your convenience.
  • In Settings, you can select the number of places that will be shown to you at an instant. You can also get ranking in terms of popularity of the place or the distance from your current location.
  • It is used in more than 140 countries.
  • The WAM Lite is available for free download both in Android and iOS.
  • The premium version of WAM is available for purchase both for iOS and Android devices.

If you travel a lot and want to take advantage of this app, download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store now.

Image Source – www.androidpit.com 

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