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Crocs Come to Life with AR App Zappar

Crocs Come to Life with AR App Zappar

Crocs, the shoe manufacturer has partnered with Zappar, the augmented reality technology company to bring its Jibbitz shoe charms to life. Crocs had acquired Jibbitz in 2006. With this technology now a new layer of interactivity will be added to the shoe charms, drawing the attention of the kids to their footwear. So, what will the experience be like with this added layer of engagement? Let us have a look at this post to know more about it.

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Zappar app in Action

The charms are used to accessorize the footwear of the kids and can be scanned to activate an interactive AR experience. This is possible by using the Zappar AR app which can be downloaded by the users for free. The charms will turn into interactive objects, characters and games when scanned with the app.

Four different interactive charm packs for girls and boys are available in different designs. The different levels of interaction which will be visible to the kids through augmented reality include a ‘Battlefield’ paintball tank game which the children can play and a ‘Pet Salon’, where they can pamper a cute virtual kitten.

Children’s Charms getting More Interactive

According to the founder and CEO of Zappar, Caspar Thykier, the new range of Jibbitz shoes shows how children’s charms are getting more interactive than before. The shoes can be easily turned into a game at any place and time by just adding an augmented reality element in them. He also added that Zappar content can be displayed in exciting and fun ways with the help of Crocs, their latest partner.

According to Senior Director of global licensing for Jibbitz and Children’s Footwear at Crocs, Matt Lafon, they are always trying to find out new ways through which they can create interactive moments for kids. This has been possible with the help of Zappar. He added that by offering zappable content to some of their popular shoe charms, they increase the level of excitement among the users of the app and provide their customers, i.e. kids as well as their parents an instant ‘wow’ moment.

Now kids can enjoy interactive games through their Jibbtiz shoes using the Zappar app.

What about you?

Are you going to use the Zappar app for enjoying the augmented content in the Jibbitz shoes? Have you used this AR app before? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – dotrising.com


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