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Go for a Jungle Safari with ZooKazam AR App

Go for a Jungle Safari with ZooKazam AR App

Augmented reality apps can create an immersive environment for the users which lets them interact with virtual objects in real environment. ZooKazam is one such AR app with which you can experience a jungle safari or be surrounded by dinosaurs. It has been developed by Atlanta AR Design LLC and has high quality graphics. This app provides the users with an exceptional augmented experience and is helpful for education as well as for those looking out for a little excitement and adventure.  There are three versions of ZooKazam augmented reality app from which you can make your choice.

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ZooKazam AR App

The three versions of the ZooKazam app for iOS include:

  • ZooKazam Lite

This is a free version of the app through which you can see a deer in 3D, roaming around your table. You can click a picture of the deer and also record a video. There are different climatic elements in which you can place the deer like rain, snow, cloudy days, etc.

  • ZooKazam Pro

This is a paid version of the app. But now it is available for free for a limited time period. You will be able to experience a varied range of animals in this version. Starting from the bugs collection to the safari collection to dinosaurs, you will have a whole lot of options to play with. The 3D models are extremely realistic and of high resolution.

  • ZooKazam- Zoo Atlanta

The Zoo Atlanta is another new version of the app. It brings photo realistic animals to life as the users point their camera to the Zoo Atlanta logo. Users will be able to learn about the animals that live in Zoo Atlanta. Lion, Zebra, Elephant, Giraffe, Easter Black Rhinoceros and Giant Pandas are the six animals that come to life with the app. Ladybug and deer are also available as bonus.

How does it Work?

For the ZooKazam app to work, users need to go to the official website of ZooKazam and download the targets. They then need to print the targets. For ZooKazam Lite and Pro version, the green grass target should be printed and for the Zoo Atlanta version, the Zoo Atlanta logo needs to be printed. The bigger the target, the bigger will be the animal. The ZooKazam logo also can be used as the target.

Once you print the targets, place them on a flat surface and point the camera of your iOS device on that target and choose from any collection of animals. You will see your choice of animal come to life. The 3D animals look exceptionally realistic in your environment. To get the best experience, developers recommend the app users to use iPhone 5, 5c or 5s.

Apart from adding different weather elements as mentioned above, this app will let you learn a lot. As the animals come to life, you can select the Info option to hear description of each of them and learn more about them.

The ZooKazam app is thus wonderful for kids as well as adults. So, grab the ZooKazam Pro version till it is free and play with different animals.

What about you?

Are you going to try the ZooKazam app? Which version are you going to download in your iPhone? Share your insights in the comments below.

Image Source – tuaw.com


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