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Book Your Tickets for InsideAR San Francisco Now!

Book Your Tickets for InsideAR San Francisco Now!

It’s time for InsideAR again, the leading augmented reality event for tech companies, industry leaders and brands alike. Get ready to learn about the latest developments in the field of augmented reality. The event is hosted by Metaio, one of the leading AR companies across the globe. All stakeholders and innovators in the area of AR are brought together in this event. If you want to get some technical insight from experts or looking for a full introduction to augmented reality, or want to know about latest AR applications, book your tickets for this event today.

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InsideAR San Francisco

The first InsideAR in 2015 will be held in San Francisco at The Village from 20th May to 21st May, 2015. It is expected that InsideAR San Francisco will have over 500 attendees, over 40 live demos and more than 5 workshops. Elite speakers will be present in the event. Johnny Lee the project lead of Project Tango by Google, will show his expertise as a main contributor of algorithms for motion sensing devices, only with a twist of ‘AR’. New frontiers of AR which haven’t been tapped yet and are full of potential will be explored in this event.

Buzz Creating Topics of the Event

Three topics are generating quite some buzz and will be a part of the event discussion. They include:

  • Seamless AR

To get approval from technology caretakers of AR, inclusion of seamless AR is the only possibility. This topic will cover delivery of AR content, provision of indoor navigation in tricky situations by moving past obstacles and provision of longer lasting battery-life solutions. The future of thermal touch and the progress that we have made so far in seamless renderings of virtual graphics will also be focused on.

  • Second Generation Wearables

If you attend InsideAR, you will be the first to have a peek at the second generation of wearables. Earlier it was only Google Glass. But now, the wearable market has evolved and numerous devices are being developed. Most of the companies are trying to bring out VR and AR devices for different areas like marketing, industries, medical, entertainment, etc.

  • AR Market Goes Big

Now top companies are using AR services to promote their products. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, MATTEL and many more, find augmented reality to be a key player for marketing campaigns.

The Workshop Topics

The topics that will be covered at the workshop include:

  • Discovering the Power of Creator
  • SDK Deep Dive
  • ‘AR’ on Wearables—building AR Apps for Smart Glasses
  • Building the Visual Search Engine: Metaio Visual Search

So, discover, explore, get inspired and learn about augmented reality developments in the InsideAR in San Francisco this May. We are proud to be the media partner of this amazing event.

What about you?

Are you going to attend the InsideAR event? Have you attended any other augmented reality events? Share your insights in the comments below.

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