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InsideAR 2014: Augmented Reality Conference Roundup

InsideAR 2014: Augmented Reality Conference Roundup

The much awaited and biggest global augmented reality conference ended with great success. After months of waiting, InsideAR was held on 29th of October in Munich, Germany at the Kleine Olympiahalle. Hundreds of people were there waiting patiently at the venue, for the event to begin. With so many people gathered outside the venue one thing was clear. People had a huge interest in the conference.

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Events of the Day

The event started with the keynote “Augmented Reality 2014: Teaching Devices to understand Reality!” by Thomas Alt, the CEO of Metaio. He gave the audience interesting insights in the new developments taking place in augmented reality this year. He also made announcement on the new Metaio 6. The new app will feature hybrid-tracking, the Metaio Creator, improved technology behind edge-based tracking, SLAM, 3D reconstruction and occlusion, the Excel POI creation plug-in for Junaio and rational illumination. The Metaio 6 has released today and many of these features will be available in it. Some of them will be added in the next few months.

Milena Marinova from Intel also presented her keynote which showed Intel’s latest innovation- The RealSense™ technology and camera. Some of the powerful possible use cases for the technology were displayed by her in the event which came in a range of different form factors. It is to be seen where this technology will go and how developers will be able to bring about a change in the world with this technology of Intel.

More of such innovations will come up in this augmented reality conference. We will be providing details of the new technologies that will be announced in the InsideAR and will come into the market in the near future. Keep yourself updated with the latest innovations from our posts.

What about you?

Are you attending the InsideAR? What new innovations are you looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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