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Top 10 Augmented Reality Companies

Since our inception, we’ve received several requests to enlist awesome service providers in the verticals of Augmented Reality, Mobile Commerce, Image Recognition, Mobile/Tablet technology and Interactive Marketing. As curator of this industry, it’s our job to make sure that those brands are discoverable and trustworthy. If you’re looking for a great service provider, there’s no better place to start than here.


Layar leads the way in augmented reality and interactive print, helping to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds.


Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack is a custom software design and development agency, specializing in the creation of custom mobile and web apps, augmented reality and virtual reality.



Inition aims to bring great content to new technology platforms including 3D printing, 3D scanning, augmented reality and virtual reality.



Mobile augmented reality and image recognition platform enabling advertisers to reach consumers via outdoor ads, billboards, magazine, newspaper and packaging.



DAQRI is the world’s leading augmented reality developer, providing custom software and creative solutions to clients across a broad spectrum of industries.



NEXT/NOW uses creative technology like virtual reality and augmented reality to produce next-generation virtual and physical experiences for leading brands.


Scanta Inc.

Scanta Inc. specializes in the development of augmented reality apps and augmented reality games. The company had its headquarters in the US.



WeAR is an augmented and virtual reality studio which creates AR and VR apps for mobile. The company also produces mixed reality apps for HoloLens.



Metagram has created Monolith One, a prototype which will showcase the world’s first holographic film which can be seen without augmented reality glasses.



A leader in the augmented reality area, Augment creates AR prototypes which help in marketing, in omni-commerce, sales and for B2B solutions.



Getting Listed

There is no formal process to be included on this list. A small panel of individuals in the mobile computing & augmented reality world (with representatives from AugmentedRealityTrends.com and from other organizations) created the list, and will occasionally nominate those who do amazing work in the field for a vote from the group.

Send us your company details at info [at] augmentedrealitytrends.com (replace [at] with @ symbol) for getting reviewed and listed.