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Shoot Down Frightening Clowns in AR FrightMares Game

Shoot Down Frightening Clowns in AR FrightMares Game

Augmented reality games are always fun to play. If you love to play games which have a mild horror or frightening element to it, then here is a perfect AR game for you. The AR FrightMares is a game where you need to shoot down terrifying clowns. You have no place to hide and to survive, you need to continue shooting non-stop. A revised version has been released a few days back for this game app. You can learn more about this game from this post.

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AR FrightMares

Augmented reality technology is used along with your mobile device’s camera so that your surroundings can be turned into a frightening combat area. As you start playing the game, you will see scary looking clowns approaching towards you from different corners of the room. Wave after wave of clowns are released as the game progresses.

Different Waves are there. The target of the game is to see how many Waves you can fight back. More frightening clowns come towards you with each wave and that too at an increased speed. You need to fight them out to survive the game and not get FrightMared.

Playing the Game

There are two different environments to choose from. You can either play in a 3D environment or in an augmented reality one. When you select the AR environment, you will see the clowns in your real-life surroundings. As you start the game, you will be equipped with innumerable number of cream pies. Aim your device towards the approaching scary clown and shoot the pies. While some clowns may be shot with only one pie, others might need more cream to be defeated. If you get FrightMared or defeated, you have to start the game again.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

Certain changes have been done in the latest version 1.1. You can find extra support button and the behavior of the clowns have also been fixed.

Price and Availability

The AR game is available for iOS devices only. It requires 6.0 or later. It is optimized for iPhone 5 and is also compatible with iPod touch and iPad. The price of the AR FrightMares game app is $1.99 and can be obtained from the iTunes App Store. The game app has been developed by Applikated Pty Ltd.

Download one of the hottest augmented reality iOS games and shoot down the terrifying clowns.

Image Source – appshopper.com

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