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Fight Aliens Invading the Earth with AR Invaders

Fight Aliens Invading the Earth with AR Invaders

When it comes to interactivity and fun in gaming, augmented reality games are really popular. There are numerous AR games which are available in the market. If you love gaming, you must be already aware of these games. One of the most popular AR games is AR Invader. This game has been in the top 10 list of AR games and has also won awards. If you haven’t yet played this game, you are missing out all the fun. Play AR Invaders and save the earth from invading aliens. The world will be your gaming board and you can play it in real-world surroundings.

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AR Invaders

Alien invasion game themes are common, but when augmented reality is added to it, the game becomes a unique experience for the players. You will feel as if the space invaders are attacking the earth for real. When you play this game, you are joining the Earth’s Resistance Forces so that you can keep the alien ships from attacking our beaches, cities, deserts or forces. They will be coming wherever you go. This game is an application of Soulbit7, which is an iOS application workshop.

Features of the Game

Here are a few features of the game.

  • With the inclusion of augmented reality, it is possible to play this game in the real world.
  • You can choose from 360 mode or 180 mode. If you select the 360 mode, you have to stand up and fight the alien ships coming from every direction. However, by selecting the 180 mode, you can play while sitting.
  • There are nine invasions in total with increasing level of difficulty. You are required to defend the earth from these different invasions.
  • You can select the multiplayer mode, if you want to play with others and build your army with them to fight against the alien forces.

The AR Invaders game has been awarded the Best Real World Game in the “International Mobile Gaming Award”. It had also been a finalist in the ‘Best app ever’ awards for the best use of iOS hardware. You can play this AR game in your iOS and Android device.

What about you?

Have you played the AR Invaders game? Do you like gaming? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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