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Augmented Reality and Gaming

Augmented Reality and Gaming

Augmented reality has changed the gaming universe. With technologies similar to that of Tom Cruise’s Minority Report, gaming is becoming really cool with AR technology. We have already seen the impacts of Kinect for the Xbox on gamers. And with the ever-progressing technology, interaction with games is growing and changing from the way it used to be. With the given trends it seems that augmented reality game is likely to be mainstream very soon.

Augmented reality, as the name suggests, enhances your physical surrounding in real time. It is a live and direct or indirect view of your real-world environment where the elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory data like video, sound, GPS data and images. This technology combines the real world with your game.

If you are skeptic about the ability of augmented reality game to become mainstream, think about Google Glass. Though this revolutionary device from Google is still in its developing stage and gaming is not its main focus as of now, there are possibilities that Google will implement some type of AR games in future. Microsoft too has filed a patent for smart glasses using AR technology. And don’t forget, they already have a Smartglass app for gaming industry. These two examples make it clear enough that augmented reality games are in rise.

As of now, there are some AR games available in the market. However, you can play these games using your smartphones and tablets only. Even then, these games have gained huge popularity. Now imagine what it would be if you could participate in these AR games using Google Glass. You could see the game characters and elements intertwined with real world element right in front of your eyes.

AR has become a prominent feature for game designers and developers and many are implementing this technology to revolutionize the game experience of each individual. In fact, it has even spawned international contests and the creator of the best experience was rewarded by Metaio, the leading AR research firm. The company has chosen winners of their latest AR game developer contest recently. Clandestine Anomaly is one of the winners that offer more than an interactive mobile game. The augmented reality game developed by Clandestine Anomaly provides an immersive narrative AR experience. It allows users to experience a covert science fiction adventure taking place all around them by using their smart device.

It seems that the interest in augmented reality games is likely to grow even though it is a stretch right now.

Image Source – telegraph.co.uk

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