Sunday 3 August 2014
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Augmented Reality and Next Generation Game Console

Augmented Reality and Next Generation Game Console
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There are a lot of discussions going around about the future of augmented reality. Though the AR technology is in its budding stage, it has already gained a lot of popularity. Many of the brands and businesses are implementing the technology to engage customers and increase sales. Similarly, many of the tech-companies, irrespective of their size, are developing new augmented reality apps and devices to change the world as we see it today. In fact, the Google Glass and similar smart eyewears have already created hype in the market even before they are officially launched.

Bing Gordon, the former EA chief creative officer asserted, “Ten percent of Westerners will be wearing some kind of augmented glasses [in the next five years]. They probably won’t be Watch 1.0 or Google Glass 1.0, but they’re too seductive. It’s too powerful not to get there, especially for a multitasking generation.”

In the GamesBeat 2013 discussion between investor Tim Chang and Gordon, augmented reality was one of the significant topics of conversation. This discussion even predicted the next generation console gaming and the future of gamification among other hot button issues. One of their predictions was that “If you’re a game designer, you may just have a future in a Fortune 500 company.” Gordon further said, “I don’t think you can run a consumer facing company anymore without some kind of game competence.”

According to the duo, such skills will become one of the core competencies in the future along with analytics and play behavior and will help businesses to successfully predict the needs of the consumers even before they know. They even gave a new title for such skills – habit engineers. They also discussed the potential fate of Xbox One, which was likened to the 3DO from the ’90s by Gordon while referring this multimedia console’s ill fate. He further said that Microsoft has a secret weapon called Xbox Live, which Gordon describes as the “most important consumer invention of the past 15 years.” And even though Microsoft lost its secret weapon, it is hard to lose popularity it has already achieved. As Gordon said, “Once you get a profile and Gamerscore and Achievements, you don’t change. I think the network effect trumps all.” Chang, on the other hand, opines, “Having a device-as-a-service can help you avoid gravity for a year or two. People get lazy and forget to stop paying for it.”

However, Gordon was more optimistic than others while speaking about the next generation despite the challenges the new game consoles face. “Game makers will survive,” he said as “The next generation doesn’t have any allegiance to retail chains or delivery trucks.” And augmented reality will surely have a role to play there.

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