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Augmented Reality Trends in Gaming Merging Tradition with Technology

Augmented Reality Trends in Gaming Merging Tradition with Technology

The sales of worldwide video game is said to reach around $100 billion annually. However, over the past decade there has been resurgence in the conventional board games, which brought opportunities to incorporate augmented reality technology to merge the two game types. Nocturnal Media and Stewart Wieck, the internationally acclaimed game designer, is now capitalizing on the augmented reality trends and they have announced to develop an augmented reality game prototype, which will be featured on Kickstarter.com.

Nocturnal Media was co-founded by Oliver Diaz and Stewart Wieck. Previously, Stewart formed White Wolf Publishing, the company which designed genre-defining role-playing games such as Mage: The Ascension and Vampire: The Masquerade. Before forming Nocturnal Media, Stewart contributed to the World of Darkness MMO and EVE Online.

This augmented reality game is called the Darkling Plain. This is a fantasy board game backed by AR technology to create stunning 3D graphics on smart mobile devices like iPhone. The Darkling Plain campaign at Kickstarter.com seeks community engagement in order to reach its goal to raise $120,000.

Oliver Diaz, the founder of FuelFX – a Houston-based 3D animation design company said, “Augmented reality is the media channel of the future. We have provided advanced AR solutions to many oil and gas companies, medical institutions, and high-tech firms and with Nocturnal Media’s latest breakthrough, the gaming industry.” FuelFX is a production design company providing strategic and cutting-edge imaginative communication solutions to technology-intensive business sectors and energy industry.

With Darkling Plain, players can move physical tokens by using this AR technology. These tokens transform into some fantastical creatures and warriors across a game board, making it a gorgeous landscape. This month, the Darkling Plain is featured on Kickstarter.com and it is now trying to create online community for the augmented reality game in order to generate production funds.

Stewart Wieck, the co-designer said, “Augmented reality demonstrates the potential to combine the best of both video games and board games. Outstanding board games have clean, simple game play that leads to complex results and offer an irreplaceable social component, while video games have an undeniable visual appeal and invisibly perform complicated calculations. Darkling Plain combines these social and technological strengths.”

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