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5 Games which Could Improve with Microsoft HoloLens

5 Games which Could Improve with Microsoft HoloLens

Gamers are always on the search for new games and gaming platforms to keep their interest going. Apart from the conventional gaming consoles, new platforms like Microsoft HoloLens will take gaming to another new level. At the E3, Microsoft gave a glimpse of what the future of gaming would look like, by displaying the customized version of Minecraft. Tabletop AR gaming will be the future, which will be provided by this AR headset.

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Here are five other games which would be good if played with Microsoft HoloLens:

  • Total War

The real time wars of the Total War series takes place on large patches of terrain which would be apt for HoloLens. While it would not be a practical solution to zoom in close to the troops, on the other hand it would be helpful to have an AR tactical map. This map will allow you to direct units around you and at the same time watch up close on a conventional screen.

  • Cities: Skylines

This game is similar to Minecraft and would work well with HoloLens. It could be easily imagined that you can build a city on your tabletop, manage the craziness that follows and roam around the city, thinking about your next project.

City builder games could be perfect for playing using HoloLens, be it Tropico, SimCity or others like Banished. The players will get a mixed-reality visualization of their creations.

However, if you are not good at city building games, it could get too real when cemeteries fill up, fires break out and your city becomes a deserted wasteland.

  • Diablo III

Games like Diablo III have a top-down nature which makes them good as AR games. The game developer Blizzard’s franchise could turn it into one of the best for AR gaming. You could look down on the tiny warrior as it fights in the warfront on the table in front of you.

These games generally use a fixed camera position. So, if you move around the table, it could get a bit confusing. However, if you stay at a fixed spot, it could work properly.

  • Tetris

How about having a classic game play in augmented reality instead of just high-tech ones? It would give Tetris a new look completely. You could see the Tetris blocks falling at an increased pace right before your eyes. While playing the game you could nudge and twist the blocks with your fingers. This would add a different layer of tension to the classic Tetris game.

  • Kerbal Space Program

In this game, players have to create their own rockets and space planes. Then they have to try and launch them into the space. This game could be perfect for playing with HoloLens. Specially the hangar-based construction stage, where players can see their creation right in front of their eyes.

We have to wait to find out if these games will be made for Microsoft HoloLens. It will be clear only when the headset releases.

What do you think?

Which games would you like to play using this AR headset? Have you played any AR games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – gizmodo.com.au

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