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AR Game Ingress Gets a Update

AR Game Ingress Gets a Update

If you are crazy about Ingress, this will come as an awesome piece of news for you. Google’s Niantic Labs has given a new update to its award-winning augmented reality game Ingress. The game has been around for almost two years and has won several awards including the Google Play Player’s Choice Award as the Top Game of 2013. Majority of the users of the AR game app have given five star ratings to it. The update brings about many new additions which will give the players enough reason to be happy. Check out what awaits you in this update of Google Ingress.

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New additions in Ingress

Have you ever complained why Ingress has only 8 levels to play? Well, it’s time to stop complaining as you will be able to play 8 additional levels now. Yes, you read that right! Now you have a total of 16 levels to unlock. More levels mean more fun and more powerful weapons. It also means you will have more XM storage and can recharge portals further away. Feeling excited? Hold on to that excitement as there is more good news! You can collaborate with fellow players in a better way with capsules. Sharing things with other Ingress agents will be easier. Until now, you just dropped things and waited for other agents to pick them up, not knowing whether they would be on the same group or not. Even enemies might have picked up the weapons, which was not at all a smart thing to do. Now you can drop that worry easily.

Ultra Strike Weapons Available to All

Another striking addition in this update is the availability of Ultra Strike Weapons. These weapons have now been made available to all by Niantic Labs. Earlier, only the DROID family of devices had access to these weapons as they gave out invitations to the game using the DROID Mini, DROID Maxx and DROID Ultra.

The current version is 1.51.0 and is already available in Google Play. So what’s holding you back? Go and grab the updated version of Ingress now and start unlocking the new levels.

What do you say?

Do you still play Ingress regularly? Would be better if there would be 20 levels in all? Have you downloaded the updated version or planning to do so? Let us know in the comments or you can also join our Twitter conversation.

Image Source – smartphones.wonderhowto.com


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