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Ingress Players Cover Over 126,000,000 Kms Worldwide

Ingress Players Cover Over 126,000,000 Kms Worldwide

The popularity of the augmented reality game Ingress, developed by Google Niantic Labs, is growing day by day. This has been further proved by a new statistics released by the game developer last week. The “real world adventure game” was first launched over two years ago and requires players to cover real world locations to control their territory from the opponents by capturing secret energy portals which are otherwise hidden in view. These portals are visible in different landmarks, parks and public spaces only when the players use the Ingress app on their phone. So, what is the statistics is all about? Lets find out.

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Covering Over 126,000,000 Kilometers

During the duration of two years and more of the game, players have covered more than 126,000,000 kilometers while playing Ingress. The distance is equivalent to over 3,000 trips across the world. What’s more interesting is that if you consider the total distance that players of the game have walked in over two years, it will cover almost halfway the distance from Earth to Mars.

Encouraging Players to Explore the Real World

When players have to take control of a portal, they have to be physically present within a small distance of the location in the game, which will be verified by the GPS on their phones. This motivates the players to walk around the locations and explore the actual world.

Apart from encouraging players to walk and capture their portals, helpful data is also generated from this game of Google. As Ingress app is used, information about the location of the players is collected. This helps the company to understand how people move about on foot. Locations of new portals are submitted by fans of Ingress which contributes to Google Maps. Till now, over 3 million new locations which include public artwork, real-world landmarks, businesses, museums and historic spots have been submitted by the global players.

Ingress First Saturday

Google has announced a new monthly event series on the occasion of the second anniversary of the game. It is known as Ingress First Saturday and in this event, players will meet up and play face-to-face in more than 150 cities across the globe.

Do you love playing Ingress? Are you addicted to other augmented reality games? Share your views with us in the comments below.

Image Source – allthingsd.com

Article Source – forbes.com


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