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Augmented Reality Gaming Takes a New Turn with LyteShot

Augmented Reality Gaming Takes a New Turn with LyteShot

LyteShot, a new kind of mobile gaming system will bring about a change in the way mobile games are played. LyteShot will take your gaming into the real world and you no longer have to play the games inside your rooms. This is possible with sensor-based peripherals which are used by the device and are compatible with your mobile phone and by bringing in augmented reality. The device was unveiled at the CES this year. You will be able to experience multiplayer games in the real world like never before.

LyteShot Platform

The platform of LyteShot consists of the LytePuck receiver which each player has to wear, The Lyter handheld device and the apps which are enabled with LyteShot and used via the smartphone of the players.

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A set of peripherals have been developed by LyteShot which are attached to the Lyter so that it can then be 3D printed in the shape of a gun, staff, wand, bow, sword or anything you want. You will be able to play all types of games which include action shooter games, cult campus games, live-action role playing games, a simple game of tag or complicated strategic games like alternate reality games, murder mysteries and more, all by connecting through the cloud.

How does it Work?

The LytePuck sensor and the Lyter, connect with your mobile device and helps in relaying game data to other players through the cloud. On the basis of the game you play, the LyteShot performs accordingly. For example, it can deliver a deadly blow to an enemy, send a virtual cure to a poisoned co-player, or find out a key with which you can unlock a virtual treasure. As the trigger is pulled, the Lyter releases a beam to the LytePuck, which carries the commands to activate the responses as required. As the sensor receives the command, it vibrates or lights up, alerting the player to the response in the game. Other players of the game are also informed about the latest messages, game stats and more as the command gets sent instantly to their mobile devices through the cloud.

Augmented Reality in Action

Playing outside in the real world can become even more interesting with augmented reality. The company has started developing the interface which is a part of the SDK for developers, so that the games can work with head-up displays (HUD). This will allow the users to play in first person in the game using the smart glasses like Google Glass, Epson Moverio, etc. With these HUDs, they will be able to view in-game stats, player status and other information about the game, in their line of view.

With the use of augmented reality on the HUDs, the storylines and characters of the games will come alive and players will be able to interact with virtual objects and characters. Right now, LyteShot has teamed up with Epson to incorporate LyteShot gaming with Moverio BT-200 smart glasses from Epson. Commercial enterprises and consumers can now use augmented reality applications with the Moverio BT-200 platform, as it blends the digital and physical world seamlessly.

LyteShot can be used by the gamers, makers as well as the developers. The company had started Kickstarter campaign to raise funds, but it cancelled the funding on 21st January, 2015, as it is going to make more improvements in the system and make it more cost effective.

What’s your take?

Do you think that the augmented reality gaming with LyteShot will enhance the mobile gaming experience? Will you be trying out the system when it is available? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – www.articles.gamerheadquarters.com


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