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5 Mind-blowing Games You Could Play Using Microsoft Hololens

5 Mind-blowing Games You Could Play Using Microsoft Hololens

When we are talking about games, the first thing that comes in our mind other than gaming consoles is virtual reality. However, with the announcement of Microsoft Hololens, now augmented reality has come into the scene. Hololens has created quite a stir in the tech world and by now almost everybody knows about this latest development. For those who are still unaware of it, here is a quick explanation. Hololens is an augmented reality headset which projects virtual reality over the real world. There are some games which can already be played with the headset while others will soon be available.

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Check out 5 of the best games which make use of this technology.

  • Minecraft

Minecraft                              Image – redcarpetboston.com

In the promotional video of Hololens, viewers were able to catch a glimpse of a game which looked like Minecraft. Since Hololens is not a full virtual reality device, you probably won’t have to build massive constructs with a fake pickaxe and your bare hands. Instead, you will be possibly able to join it together like a huge Lego set. Then after creating a smaller version of it, maybe you could grow it into the proportion you require.

While this might not be an authentic experience of Minecraft, if Microsoft, which owns the rights of this game, doesn’t include it to show the potential of Hololens that would definitely be a mistake.

  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo The Master Chief Collection                          Image: destructoid.com

Halo: The Master Chief Collection cannot be left out when we are talking about games that can be played using the Hololens. Microsoft might be dropping hints about Halo from time to time. The new web browser is called Project Spartan, even the Hololens headset looks similar to a Spartan helmet and you cannot forget the virtual assistant- Cortana. However, Hololens uses Windows 10 to operate. So, it would mean a Halo Hololens port could also have a straight PC port. But Microsoft might want to keep the game exclusive to Xbox consoles.

As Windows 10 can stream games from an Xbox One, there might be an opportunity for using a companion app to enhance the experience.

  • The Sims

The Sims                           Image – telegraph.co.uk

The Sims can work perfectly with the augmented reality headset of Microsoft. A perfect example for this is the Sim Creator from the Sims 4. Imagine seeing a small 3D hologram of your Sim which is standing on your desk. You can use your hands and change its size by pulling the arrows. The experience will be similar to building a virtual sculpture only with added fun as it will come to life once it is complete. You can change buildings and houses in the same way and treat them like animated dollhouses. There are innumerable possibilities of using augmented reality in the Sims game if the Hololens headset is used.

  • Total War Series

Total War Series                         Image – kotaku.com

In this game you will get a god’s eye view of the battleground as soldiers from the past fight against each other. When you use Hololens, you will get an added advantage as you could be an invisible, giant and intangible god. You could be able to keep an eye on the war zone by turning you head, manage your forces by using your hands and gesture to bring in reinforcements. Historical battles will get a new meaning with the use of Hololens while playing this game.

  • Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation game                             Image – gamer4eva.com

Alien Isolation has already been tried out on Oculus Rift and it was quite scary. How would you feel if you have to fight an alien in your own house? The Alien Isolation game will be a special home edition. You can scan your furniture and house with the Hololens. Then you would set the origin and exit of the game, place enemies, bystanders and different parts of gadgets in various rooms and imagine that all the windows and doors do not work. You can adjust the difficulty level with each run. You could turn off the lights to create a better environment for playing.

Expect these games to take an interesting turn with the use of Hololens and you will love each minute while playing them using the AR headset.

What about you?

Are you going to try out the Microsoft Hololens? Do you think augmented reality will give a better experience than virtual reality for playing games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Image Source – mashable.com


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