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Open Me: The New AR Game on PlayStation Vita

Open Me: The New AR Game on PlayStation Vita

Augmented reality has created quite a sensation. The gaming industry is one of its largest benefactors, providing the gamers a never-before experience. Using the camera of your smartphone or tablet, this technology enhances the real-life element by blurring the gap between the virtual and real world. The popularity of the concept was already proved after the launch of Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita as both the companies leveraged upon augmented reality to push their selling point. The newest in the market is “Open Me!” which is now available on PlayStation Vita.

This features a series of locked box puzzles. Each of the puzzles of “Open Me!” can be rendered in 3D. You need to use an AR marker card for positioning the box right in front of you. Now examine the box from any given angle using the Vita. The goal is to find the switch or button or may be both at times in order to open the box.

One of its simplest puzzles put the button on the box’s back to help you get familiar with the process. “Open Me!” will introduce you with series of boxes that protect themselves; some of them feature spinning blades that are impossible to touch. This augmented reality app will count all your attempts based on the numbers of fingers you lose to saw blades. The box gets more creative with the advanced levels. At one point, you will encounter a cuckoo clock box, which you have to open according to the time in the real world. However, the less-than-precise controls of this game come at odds with AR technology when it comes to this finger attempts.

Besides, there are some limitations in this augmented reality experience. For example, in case you are tilting the Vita too far away, you will lose your vision of the box. However, its biggest downfall is that it is not possible to play this AR game without being on your feet. Also, you have to hold the Vita in weird angles.

At present, this game has two game-play modes. You will need two players for multiplayer boxes, where both the players need to open a shared box. In addition, you can create your own puzzle box with the help of a suite of tools available. This can also be shared online.

There are 12 packs of boxes available to open with “Open Me!” and some will be more fun that the others. This is definitely something that Vita owners should check out. A free demo is also available.

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