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Place a Hockey Rink in Your Room with Table Ice Hockey

Place a Hockey Rink in Your Room with Table Ice Hockey

When we are talking about top augmented reality games, you cannot miss out on the Table Ice Hockey AR game for PlayStation Vita systems. If you are not into action-based gaming and want to avoid the blood and gore stuff, then you will love to play this game. With the use of the augmented reality technology, you will be able to place an entire hockey team in your room, be it on a living room table or on the kitchen counter. You will be able to view the action from all the sides. So what will you get from the game? Let us have a look at this post to know more.

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Table Ice Hockey

The Table Ice Hockey is considered to be the hardest hitting as well as the fastest augmented reality play experience that you can get on Sony’s PlayStation Vita system. By laying down your AR Play cards, you will be able to bring the game to life in your PS Vita system. You will be able to customize your players, the teams and the game modes as per your requirement. The different game modes that are available include 16-team tournaments, unplanned multiplayer games and single player mode.

Apart from the team customization, there are other special features of this game which will let you enjoy fights like that of boxing matches. You will be able to bring a hockey rink in your home with Ice Table Hockey.

By using the touch screen, you will be able to hit slapshots. You will also be able to check your rivals in the game and resolve the differences by using a punch-up on the ice.


The game is licensed by the Sony Computer Entertainment America. You can download the game from PlayStation Store. To be able to do so, you have to accept all the terms which are subject to Network Terms of Service and User Agreement

For one account that is registered in Sony Entertainment Network Account, you will be able to use the game for 2 PlayStation devices.

So, if you haven’t yet played the game and want to enjoy this AR game, you can download it from the store.

What about you?

Have you played the Table Ice Hockey? Do you want more AR games in the future? Feel free to share your insights.

Image Source – vitaplayer.co.uk

Article Source – sonyentertainmentnetwork.com


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