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Tacoma- The Augmented Reality Successor of Gone Home

Tacoma- The Augmented Reality Successor of Gone Home

You can now play a creepy space exploration game using augmented reality technology. Tacoma, the AR game has been developed by Fullbright, the studio responsible for developing Gone Home, the 2013 indie game. The game involves exploring a large, empty space while picking up objects and listening to audio files that you find along the way. While its predecessor Gone Home was a domestic mystery surrounding a family and the changing relationships between them, Tacoma takes its mystery to space.

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Use of Augmented Reality Logs

The augmented reality logs make Tacoma different than its predecessor.  When the player plays one of the logs, a simulation is launched in which brightly colored figures are seen and they start conversing. Each figure represents a member of the missing crew you have to search for. You will see them interact with each other; you can listen to their conversations and sometimes even follow them to various locations.

With the start of the game, an AR log instructs you- the player, to go to the crew quarters to find your missing teammates. Once you follow the instruction, you find the door to be locked. To open the door, ODIN needs to be rebooted. ODIN is a HAL-like virtual intelligence that gives answers to some of your questions while avoiding others. (According to ODIN, some of the information you ask for, is classified)

As you continue to open the doors, you will come across other AR logs showing the crew before it vanished. In one AR log, the crew can be seen in the ship’s lounge watching galactic events outside the windows. In another log, a man gets medical news that poses a threat to destroy his career. In the final scene of the demo, you will see missing crew members react to an emergency situation and move behind a mysterious door.

Surface Transfer

Another new gameplay mechanic that can be seen in Tacoma is surface transfer. This lets you temporarily detach from the magnetized surfaces on the station and reach new terrain using gravity. You may reach a dead end and as you look up, you see a long tunnel. As you tap a button, you will find yourself upside-down to another part of the ship.

Tacoma is a more vertical game than Gone Home, as it transfers you from one scene to another. You have to constantly assess your environment to find whether the answer to your present problem lies above your head.

Tacoma is a steady game with unhurried pace. It will be available in 2016 for PC and Xbox One.

What about you?

Are you looking forward to this game? Have you played any other AR game? Share your thoughts I the comments below.

Image Source – theverge.com

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