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Top 10 Augmented Reality Games for 2013

Top 10 Augmented Reality Games for 2013

Augmented reality technology has brought about a drastic change in the gaming world. Separate gaming station is not required to play AR games. A smartphone is enough to get going. Kids and even adults can enjoy these games. All they need to do is download the apps and they are all set to play. We have created a list of the top AR games for 2013. Check if you have downloaded them in your mobile device.

  1. AR Basketball

You can play basketball using this app. To play this game, you need to print a marker which is available in the developer’s (Augmented Pixels) site. In place of the marker, you will see the hoop. Now point your camera towards a place where you want your basket to be put. To throw the ball in the basket and to score points, you have to use swipe gestures. It is available in iOS.

  1. AR Defender 2

You can play it in classic mode or augmented reality mode. You need to place your defensives so that you can keep your base protected and stop attacks to your tower during the fight. 15 types of enemies and more can be fought against, using up to 6 heroes with different styles of gameplay. This game is supported by the iOS platform.

  1. Zombies Everywhere! Augmented Reality Apocalypse

The game will put zombies everywhere around you. Different types of undead creatures will show up as you keep on surviving. With each zombie you kill, you can unlock new weapons. This AR app is dedicated for iOS users.

  1. SpecTrek

It is a ghost hunting game, which is available for Android users. You can catch virtual ghosts in the real world, with GPS and camera. When you hold the phone flat, you will get radar mode through which you can track down ghosts. When you hold it vertically, you can catch them with scanner mode.

  1. Parallel Kingdom

This Android game got nominated for different types of awards which included best use of location service, best MMO, best AR game, etc. In this game, Google Maps is turned into a map of castles, kingdoms and dungeons. As a player, you need to slay monsters or dragons and you can conquer different territory in faraway places. You will be able to gather food items and upgrade your skill set in the course of the game.

  1. Skeeter Beater

Here, you can kill mosquitoes or ‘Skeeters’ with your fingers. Move your phone sideways to find more of these pests. As you move up the levels, the speed of the Skeeters increases and it becomes difficult to beat them. You can play in 3D or 2D mode. In 3D mode, 360 degree view is obtained with phone sensors. As of now, it is supported for Android platform only.

  1. Droid Shooting

It is really addictive and can help you fight boredom. With this game, you will see droids attacking you from every corner. Your camera is turned into a viewfinder for your warzone. You will know where the droids are coming from with the help of radar. You have a time limit between which you need to shoot the droids with different types of guns. It is designed exclusively for Android.

  1. AR Invaders

You will fight aliens in this game. There are 9 invasions in the 21st century. You can see the alien ships just in front of the area where your camera is pointed at. You can play in 180 mode while you are sitting or in 360 mode while you are standing. Users of Android as well as iOS devices can play this game.

  1. Toyota 86 AR

You have to go to the Toyota 86 AR site and print the ‘Made to Thrill’ marker. Keep the marker on the floor and place your smartphone’s camera on it. You can practice racing with this augmented reality game. You can test your skills around corners and cones. Toyota 86 AR is available for both the platforms.

  1. PaintBall

You have to use a variety of paintball guns to inflict damage on your friends as much as possible. You can earn currency when you win. To play in multiplayer mode, you need a Wi-Fi connection. To reload a weapon while fighting, you need to shake your phone and if you get hit, your phone will vibrate. You can set different colors for identifying your friends and also have a limited time to play. iOS and Android supports this game.

Have you tried out these games yet? Do you have any other AR games which you like to play? Share your favorite augmented reality games in the comments below.

Image Source – onlyaugmented.com

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