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Play Toyota 86 AR and Get the Thrills with Car Racing

Play Toyota 86 AR and Get the Thrills with Car Racing

If you love adventure games, then car racing games are sure to give you the loads of thrills. If you want to add fun to that thrill, you don’t have to look beyond this augmented reality game. Toyota 86 AR is one of the top AR games which are frequently played. You will be able to test your driving skills with this game. However, just like other AR games, you will need a relevant marker to get started. You won’t just be able to enjoy the game, but feel it too. Check out this post to learn how to play this game.

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‘Made to Thrill’

‘Made to Thrill’ is the printed AR marker that has been developed by the company to help gamers play the Toyota 86 AR on any surface they like. The all new Toyota 86 will come to life when you launch Toyota 86 AR and scan this marker by pointing your phone’s camera over it. You can make car racing more interesting by maneuvering through the course of cones. If you want to go for a free ride to any location, you can turn off these cones. By playing Toyota 86 AR, you will be able to practice your car controls.

If you want to create your own Toyota 86 AR videos and share them on YouTube, you can check out the video section of the official site of Toyota 86 AR to learn about the steps.

There are different sizes of “Made to Thrill” markers for you to print. You can select from any of them as per your requirement. The larger the marker, the bigger will be the car that you will race and you will be able to get a more enhanced experience. The largest printed poster can be placed on the floor and you can see cars come to life on the floor in front of you.

The Toyota 86 AR game can be played on both iOS and Android devices. It is available for free download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

What about you?

Have you gone car racing with Toyota 86 AR? Have you played any other AR game? We look forward to hear your gaming experience.

Image Source – play.google.com

Article Source – toyota86ar.com


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