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Blippar Demos New Augmented Reality Application with Google Glass

Blippar Demos New Augmented Reality Application with Google Glass

Blippar has recently demoed a new application of augmented reality technology with the help of Google Glass. The demonstration was given at an event that was held at the penthouse of Danny Lopez, the British Consul General, located in the New York City.  The event was hosted by Lopez to recognize Blippar’s victory at the 2013 Great Tech Awards. Blippar had won the Advisor’s Choice Award, as one of the most innovative companies in England which is competing at the international level.

Use of Augmented Reality

The use of augmented reality was seen on one of the several prized paintings that adorned the walls of the residence of Lopez. Those who were wearing Google Glass were able to get the augmented experience. They were able to see one of the pieces of digital art come to life through Blippar’s technology.

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According to Ambarish Mitra, the CEO of Blippar, even though Google Glass was cited to be an augmented reality device, until now, true use of this technology hasn’t been seen. Now with Blippar, they have showed real-time AR game which plays out of a painting.

The Experience

Those who were wearing Google Glass had to look at that particular piece of art to experience AR. Once they looked at it, they saw asteroids being hurled towards them from the painting. The users had to dodge them and fire bullets at the painting. So, the entire piece of painting transformed to an AR game which could be played by wearing Google Glass.

Branded content presented in a camera lens is recognized by the technology and it provides extra, unanticipated levels of interaction. This encourages the users to interact with the content in a better way. In this case, Blippar has used the technology with Google Glass to turn branded content into a game.

Mitra is fascinated with Queen Elizabeth II and the first ever Blip made, was his face on the Queen’s face on a 20 pound note. Blippar had first started its office in London and now it has expanded to San Francisco and New York. Among several prized paintings in the residence of Lopez, there was also a painting of the Queen by Andy Warhol. Mitra said that it would be great to get the permission from the palace to make that painting into an interactive one.

Image Source – qz.com

As of now, you have to wait till you can experience Blippar’s new application of AR through Google Glass.

What do you say?

Have you used any of Blippar’s app? Did you find them fascinating? Are you looking forward to use it through Google Glass? Would love to hear your views in the comments below or you can join our Twitter conversation.

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